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Heartbeat of the World - Global Rebrand Campaign

Heartbeat of the World - Global Rebrand Campaign

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How do you modernize an iconic destination? By uncovering and sharing its real soul with the world.

On the map, Jamaica is a dot in the Caribbean Sea. But its impact on the world’s culture is the size of a continent. Contained in a mere 4,244 square miles, Jamaica is a cultural giant that continues to leave an indelible footprint on the world’s food, music, sport and literature. As a visitor when you’re there you live intense, one-of-a-kind, transformative experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The real story of Jamaica had never been told, which meant that travelers had a very narrow view of the country: beautiful beaches, reggae and Bob Marley, all-inclusive resorts and an unsafe place.

In line with the Jamaican spirit, we launched a larger-than-life global platform: JAMAICA®, Heartbeat of the World. For the first time, we showed the world the real Jamaica and everything it has to offer: hypnotic music, spiced flavors, thrilling adventures, deep chill and breathtaking nature.

About the client

Jamaica Tourist Board is the destination marketing organization for Jamaica with the mission to develop and market the tourism industry so that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean tourist destination.

The Result

From a prime-time Super Bowl spot, to high-impact billboards around the world to a targeted digital and social media campaign to outsized trade brochures, stands and posters and to a completely new look and feel, our campaign reinforced the idea that despite its size, Jamaica’s influence on the world is outsized and positioned the country as a leading worldwide destination.


  • Increased the perception of Jamaica as an upbeat, soulful and premium destination for nature, adventure, and music by 20% in 2019.
  • Record-breaking visitors’ growth of over 4.3 million visitors in 2019 –– a 9% increase YOY.
  • Outperformed the predicted 6% Caribbean visitor growth for 2019.