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Case Study

Brand USA

United stories - Social and digital campaign.

Driving tourism to the United States

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How do you rebuild confidence in traveling to the United States? By taking a roadtrip to all 50 states and 5 territories to tell the stories of its people.

We created, United Stories, a tourism brand and marketing platform to increase visitation to the US from Brand USA’s priority international markets.

Brand awareness of the US has always been high so United Stories had to focus on increasing intent to visit & conversion, whilst improving brand perception.

United Stories also had to represent the hugely diverse range of tourism products available in the United States and satisfy the needs of over 900 public and private sector partners from state & city tourism boards to global hotel chains, airlines, attractions, national parks and media partners.

Expanding the notion of the great American road trip, we told the story of US travel through the lens of its diverse people, cultures & geography. We shot cinematic hero films that won awards across the world, never been seen viral videos that drove millions of views online and activated branded modes of transport that garnered international press & recognition.

About the client

Brand USA is the destination marketing organization charged with bringing international visitors to the United States in order to fuel the US economy, generate jobs and enhance the image of the United States on the world stage.

Supported by an innovative public/private partnership that commits at least $200 million USD in funding each year, the organization represents the interests of ALL tourism & hospitality stakeholders and their communities in the United States.

According to Oxford Economics, in the last 5 years alone Brand USA’s marketing initiatives have helped welcome over 6.6 million incremental visitors to the United States, had $21.8 billion USD in economic impact and generated 52,000 incremental jobs a year.

The Result

Using different vehicles to tell different stories not only gave us the agility and flexibility to travel the vast expanse of America, but also the ability to react in the moment and capture authentic stories as they unfolded on the ground (or in the water!).

Most importantly, through innovative digital marketing and powerful storytelling we inspired, informed and changed the perception of the United States worldwide.


The impact of Brand USA's marketing efforts is independently measured by the US Travel Association, a non-profit advocacy & research group. They attributed $1.1 Trillion in traveler spending, $2.6 Trillion in economic output and 15.8 million American jobs to Brand USA & the US travel industry. United Stories further delivered 1.1 billion impressions, 170 million video views, 350% higher engagement metrics and 1.13 million incremental visitors