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Meet Layla
She’s your very own personal travel genius, brought to you by Beautiful Destinations.

Forget brainstorming, doom-scrolling your saved pins or posts, or asking every person you know where to go; Layla will hit you with a few questions and then, without fuss, unveil your next destination.

Whether it's a spontaneous city escape or a grand long-haul journey, Layla's got your back. She'll effortlessly spark your wanderlust and help you nail down flights, hotels, and even plan your itinerary.

Once you have recommendations it’s a breeze for you to feel the vibe of the destinations Layla suggests with the stunning travel videos you know and love Beautiful Destinations for.

Yes, Layla is an AI, but you’ll feel like you’ve come across some sort of personal travel-planning fairy godmother (minus the sparkly wings).

So what are you waiting for?