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How do you rebuild confidence in traveling to the United States? By taking a roadtrip to all 50 states and 5 territories to tell the stories of its people.

We passionately believe that a place is defined by the people who live there and their stories of what makes their towns, cities and country special and worthwhile to visit. This is all the more true about the USA –– a rich mosaic of different faces, races, beliefs and stories.

To counter its sometimes “unwelcoming” global narrative and get back on international travelers’ bucket list, we created the flagship “United Stories” campaign that gave a voice to real Americans and let each tell their own stories on our behalf.

We took a road trip, the signature American adventure, in a mobile content studio where we captured and shared stories in real-time that international travelers could follow on Visit the USA's digital channels and on social media through #UnitedStories.

In one year, we spoke to hundreds of Americans from all 50 states and 5 territories, and created 500 pieces of digital, social and mobile-first content in innovative formats that we targeted at international travelers.

Using different vehicles to tell different stories not only gave us the agility and flexibility to travel the vast expanse of America, but also the ability to react in the moment and capture authentic stories as they unfolded on the ground (or in the water!).

Most importantly, through innovative digital marketing and powerful storytelling we inspired, informed and changed the perception of the United States worldwide.


Brand USA is the destination marketing organization for the United States with the mission of increasing incremental international visitation, spend and market share to fuel the nation’s economy and enhance the image of the USA worldwide.


169 million video views

1.1 billion social media impressions

8.2 million engagements (leading to a 350% increase in engagement rate compared to past campaigns)

1.13 million incremental visitors to the U.S.





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