Our mission on social media is to be the source of daily inspiration for millions of people around the world. On the agency side, our account management and data science teams work with clients on content marketing campaigns to reach a global, millennial audience. Our expertise includes:

  • Photo and Video Content: Original world-class content created by the Beautiful Destinations creative team.
  • Data and Analytics: Content performance review and insights from our data science team.
  • Social Strategy: Creative campaign ideas for social content production and distribution.
  • Instagram Advertising: Utilizing predictive visual analytics models, we optimize and run the most impactful Instagram advertising, driving measurable results.

Clients incorporate Beautiful Destinations assets into their social and traditional advertising campaigns in addition to distribution across our owned media channels through visual storytelling (over 13.5 million followers in 180 countries). Our business model allows us to create social-first content, predict its performance through visual analytics and use the top performing assets to give clients insights as to which content should make up their paid spend on and offline.